A Secular Ritual to Dedicate Yourself to the Path

With modern humanity descending into a clusterfuck of chaos, it’s no surprise that witchcraft is having a moment. What else could fuel our need to feel connected, to dive deeper into caring for nature, and to help us feel as if we can heal our woes by taking charge of our energy and desires.

However, unlike in the movies and TV shows, you aren’t required to sell your soul or free-bleed your way into dedicating yourself to the path of the witch. The truth is that anyone can pick up the craft, and it doesn’t require any sort of 12th generation lineage or special abilities to do so. In fact, you’re probably more than capable of establishing and following your own practice in a way that takes as much or as little commitment as you’re ready for.

Now, this is an unpopular opinion, as there are many that like to think of witchcraft as a closed club that requires a lot of the practitioner. I’d argue that this isn’t the case, but with one caveat- just like any other skill or activity you pick up, what you will get is proportional to what you put in. The more you choose to learn, to test, and to practice, the better your results will be when it comes to shifting your life through the magic of the craft. Although you can put low effort into your practice and not commit in a way that requires too much of you, you will be more likely to get an equally lackluster experience from your efforts.

As above, so below.

When it comes to dedicating yourself to the craft as a person who doesn’t celebrate Gods or spirits, you may feel a little lost on where to start. My advice to you is this- carefully consider what it is you wish to achieve from adopting the mantle of witch.

What are you hoping to get and to give when it comes to your practice? Witchcraft is not one-sided, and as much as you stand to benefit from the practice, you also should be giving back of yourself in an effort to bring good shit to the world and it’s inhabitants.

For the secular and skeptic-minded witch, the following is a ritual to dedicate yourself to the craft in a way that is grounded and rooted in the actualization of the self. Although this can be performed by anyone, be mindful to not engage in such rituals unless you are ready to truly allow yourself to feel committed. It’s not that anything negative will happen to you, it’s just that these workings demand respect, and any promise made to yourself and to nature should be treated as something special, rather than something done in haste.

A Secular Ritual to Dedicate Yourself to The Craft

  • Go out into a natural setting where you are unlikely to be disturbed. Practice safety if out in wilderness areas, however, you are more than free to use a park, yard, or even borrowed space to achieve this (“Hey Grandma, mind if I use your lawn to dedicate myself to witchcraft!?” Depending on your family dynamic this may hit different!)
  • Make yourself a circle with leaves, rocks, or other natural objects. Sit in the circle and meditate on why you want this, and what you want your life to look like when it is done. Be very specific and clear about your visualizations, and about defining your desires.
  • Craft a sigil with your intention, and use some dirt and moon or storm water to draw this on your palms. In doing so, you are essentially cementing your intention, and marking yourself with your desire to dedicate yourself to the path. The palms are symbolic of having “healing hands” to bring to the world.
  • Visualize your sigil glowing with natural energy that can help to guide your way through your practice. This can be the light of your highest self or the light of the energetic consciousness that flows through us all. Whatever your worldview permits, as long as this light is seen as full of wisdom and positivity.
  • If it is safe to do so (please, PLEASE do not fuck around with fire in the woods, this part can be done in a safe area later on if needed), light a candle and state aloud your intention to dedicate yourself to the craft- whatever this may mean for you. Affirm to yourself that your body is Earth, your blood Water, your breath Air, and your spirit is the Fire you carry inside you. You are a complete whole that is representative of all things.

After this process, you will be committed to nature, ready to bring your heart and your soul into your workings.


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