Common Misconceptions About the Modern Witch

If you’ve ever wondered whether witches are real, the answer is yes! We are going to explore some myths and how they relate to the modern witch.

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Modern witches are all around us, many people (female AND male) identify as witches, or hold a spiritual perspective that hinges on a belief in their innate power to change their circumstances by focusing and directing their energy. This doesn’t require a religious or mystical worldview either, many modern witches are secular, atheist, agnostic, or logic-minded with a scientific worldview.

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Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about witches and witchcraft. Here are some common myths cleared up, specifically in the context of secular witchery.

Common Misconceptions About The Modern Witch

If you are just starting out on your path and are curious about witchcraft, it’s important to not to get caught up in these myths, as they will only serve to hold you back. Above all else, your mission is become comfortable in your own practice!

Misconception #1- All Witches are Wiccan or Believe in the Supernatural

There are many witches who work with Gods, believe in supernatural forces, or are religious in their practice. Wicca is probably the most notable example of witchcraft in a religious sense. However, there are many types of witches and every person’s practice is unique and different. The wonderful thing about true modern witchcraft is that there are no rules. Some secular witches are into energy work, spirituality, cartomancy etc. while others aren’t.

It’s all about finding what resonates with you, and going from there.

Misconception #2- You Need to Cultivate a Witch Aesthetic

At the very heart of it, witchery is the power of harnessing your own energy and intention. You don’t need to follow any appearance-based aesthetic trends to have a wonderful and robust practice. The sweet mom from up the street might be a witch, so too might be the elderly gentleman that frequents your coffee shop. Maybe they don’t even know it yet, or identify with the word.

At the heart of it, witchcraft is a belief in your own power and a respect for the natural world

Misconception #3- You Need to Have All the “Stuff”

Many secular witches do not use tarot cards, crystals, or herbs in their practice. On the other hand, many secular modern witches DO use these things. At the end of the day, these are all merely tools to help a person direct their will/focus, so if they speak to you then good- if they don’t, then why bother?

The key is always belief in your own power, if you get where you are trying to go with journaling, intention-setting, and reflection then that’s fantastic. Again, there are no rules.

Misconception #4- You Need to Have Witchery “Passed On” To You

There is sadly a lot of “gatekeeping” in the witchy world. Some folks will claim you need to have a hereditary link, or be taught in a specific way how to practice. This is total nonsense.

As a practice, witchcraft is so unique and personal that works for someone else won’t necessarily resonate with you. The key is reading lots, learning more, and paying attention to your own intuition and perceptions as to what works and “makes sense” for you.

Misconception #5- All Witches are Evil or Worship the Devil

Most witches are into nature, loving the Earth, personal growth, raising their vibes, and loving up on some plants. Far more boring and peaceful than some media and misguided people would have you believe.

That being said, every person’s practice is different. There are many witches who work with deities, spirits and even demons. Everyone is free to practice as they choose. Obviously witches who don’t believe in those entities aren’t going to involve those aspects in their practice.

At the heart of it, the modern witch is all about the direction of energy, the focus of will, and stewardship of the Earth. Very tame and wonderful stuff. For a secular witch, the daily practice will look different than it will for spiritual/religious witches.

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