6 Signs You Might Be An Atheist Witch

There are many types of witches, but one that is gaining more mainstream popularity is the atheist witch.

A common myth is that all witches are Wiccan, or must worship Gods or Goddesses in their practice. This is very much not the case. There has definitely been a rise in modern spirituality that doesn’t involve religion or deity worship.

There are some subtle distinctions between atheist, agnostic and skeptical witches, but there is also a lot of overlap (I tend to think of secular witchery as a spectrum when it comes to spirituality).

The following list is comprised of 6 signs that you may be an atheist witch*.

*Even if you don’t identify as an atheist, these can also apply to secular witches with skeptical-spiritual worldviews.

You believe in your inherent power to change your world

Whether this be through ritual, visualization, intention-setting, or other “magickal” means. You interpret the success of these activities as coming from a place that doesn’t involve deity interference. Although the idea of a universal natural energy may resonate with you, approaching this from a religious place does not. Your practice may involve some sort of nature or cosmic “worship”, however, it is more from a place of respecting your place in the larger natural world than it is about subservience to a higher “entity”.

You rationalize metaphysical experiences through the lens of science

Apart from the misconception that witchcraft is synonymous with evil or black magic, another barrier for many people is the idea of real magic. Media hasn’t helped, with many shows about witches coming across as painfully cheesy.

However, what defines real magic? A lot of contemporary science seems downright magical if you look into it. Radio waves, particle physics, and psychological phenomena are all things that that you cannot see, yet produce incredible effects on the physical world. Many atheist and skeptical witches interpret the effects of witchcraft through a scientific lens (for example, looking to the placebo effect to explain successful spellwork, etc.).

You don’t follow any single path, and your practice is constantly evolving

The beauty of an eclectic practice (as most secular witches have) is that there are no rules. Your practice is as individual as you are. If you are feeling like something isn’t resonating or “making sense” to you then you find a way to understand it or you move on. As with any other type of witch, many atheist witches are constantly reading, evolving and learning. Simply keep what speaks to you and throw away what doesn’t. Trust your intuition, your feelings and your results.

You look inside for the direction of your craft

One of the biggest assets of a secular practice is the relationship you cultivate with your inner self. You aren’t bound by prescribed practices (casting circles or calling corners, for example). You aren’t tied to any rules or principles (the Rede or Rule of Three, for example). Your craft is shaped by your intuition, your moral compass, and your own worldview when it comes to the nature of existence.

For this reason, many metaphysical practices (meditation, tarot, scrying) are more about getting in tune with an internal power rather than picking up on an outside interference.

It’s possible to have an atheist worldview and still be open to the enormous potential of your own intuition and energy.

As an atheist witch, you love science and the natural world

Atheist witches are Godless, but they also may be Earth-loving, Moon-chasing dirt worshippers. When an atheist witch reads about the potential for plant sentience, the possibility of collective human consciousness, or theories on the multiverse, they get excited and filled with even more reverence for the unknown. For atheist witches, the metaphysical feeds into the thirst for knowledge when it comes to science and spirituality.

The place where science and spirituality intersect is your comfort zone and your passion.

Your quest for logic isn’t in spite of your spirituality, it’s a deep part of it.

You recognize that we don’t have all the answers

Although you don’t believe in Gods or follow religion, you understand that there are many things that we don’t know. You are open-minded and love to learn. You’re in touch with your own spiritual side, and recognize the power of your metaphysical practices- even if you interpret them through a skeptical lens. Your worldview is always shifting and changing, and your mind remains open to new possibilities.

Do you identify as an Atheist Witch?

How many of these resonate with you as a Secular Modern Witch?


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